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Hunter gonna hunt - SP scenario for RA 1.49

Player platform: SSN Amethyste

Fictional war in Persian Gulf between Iran and Coalition (include French Navy).

3 days ago Iranian Navy moved small part of own forces into safe waters of Red Sea. By blocking civilian traffic and actions against oil rigs Iran wants to destabilize global political and economical status quo.

To prevent this hostile actions, you are deployed in Red Sea for hunting main enemy warship: Alvand class frigate.

1. Limited war
2. Weapon use without authorization is forbiden!
3. However you can use weapon for self defence.

1. Kill Alvand (aka Vosper) Frigate

1. Approach to 5 nmi or less target.
2. Take photo of target
3. Wait for target confirmation and weapon authorization.

1. Some sources confirm Alvand frigate
is supported by iranian corvette.
2. Possible enemy submarines in area (Kilo or Ghadir class)
3. Possible small fast motor boats support iranian hostile actions.

Mission with time limit: 2 hours

Using exocet missiles is NOT
recommended, but it's your choice.

Тип файла: 7z Hunter gonna hunt.7z (31.0 Кб, 241 просмотров)
Тип файла: 7z Hunter gonna hunt (en_ru).7z (32.1 Кб, 219 просмотров)

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