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Question Question about adding a new sub.

Hi! I'm new here and I'm on a quest to add a new sub to DW! So far, I've been trying to experiment with DWEdit and I've gotten nowhere.

I've been trying to add in the "Seabat". A fictional submarine from the Manga "Silent Service" in which it's basically an improved Seawolf. The closest progress I have made is adding a sister class of the Seawolf in the game, yet it doesn't show up as possible to select. If someone can help me get a grasp of adding new content to the game I'll be truely thankful!

Edit: I now have a basic idea on how to create a sub now, yet I dunno how to export it into my game. I save the file, yet when I go into the game, there's no selectable class, nor when I go into mission editor, does it even show up as a class that's only usable by A.I. If someone can offer me help I would appreciate it.

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