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Старый 03-12-2016, 21:53   #1
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APR-2E/3E bug?

APR-2E / 3E have some additional settings:

...but i can't increase MODE/FLOOR first digit above 1 (IL-38 and TU-142)

Only available didits are "0" and "1" for every configurations ACTIVE/PASSIVE and CIRCLE/SNAKE.


For MK 50 and MK 54 first digit can be increase to 3 (0,1,2,3) - all works fine


For L5 and MK 46 (platform Atlantic MK 3) situation looks same like APR 2E/3E - i can't increase first digit above 1.

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Старый 05-12-2016, 00:14   #2
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This is a mistake in the description of installing presets. The first category is not used. Use the second digits for installation mode.

Since the depth cannot be set to more than 800 meters (APR-3). It uses only 3 last digits for FLOOR.

For the preset of torpedoes in feet - requires 4 digits; 11500 feet, 21500 feet, etc. So there's mode is specified by the first bit of the digit value.

L5 torpedo and mk 46, using presets in meters. The situation is the same as APR.
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Старый 05-12-2016, 18:51   #3
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uh, ok... sorry
I will test those settings soon.
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