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Однако, получается, "берг" - круто, а корвет пр. 20385 - не круто?
Ok, but FREM in service: 13
Pr. 20385 in service: 0

Im affraid it will be the same story like with LADA:
- in RA best non-nuclear Russian submarine
- in reality worst one

In my opinion Brgamini was bad choice. Much better would be Maestrale but it was mod from Betasom - Italian community, and no one had a chance to involve this process.

As I wrote above, I was almost sure "importing" Bergamini into RA will take 2-3 hours of work. But the truth is: this warship was made almost from scratch.
Original Bergamini was similar to Udaloy (waepon, ranges, radars FCRs) on different 3D model.
But Bergamini in RA is much more close to real than made by Betasom.
But still far from real Bergamini - like Udaloy in RA is far from real Udaloy

Curently we have 3 different playable warships in game and this is very good - it allows to make scenarios with wider spectrum of time. But in my opinion in DW engine is not possible to make more modern ships like FFG or DDG.

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