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In my opinion more surface ships would be good for community.

Main problem is:
DW engine cannot simulate modern naval systems. For example making correct FCR for Perry (which allows to guide single missile in CW mode for each FCR) was very hard task. Vanilla was NOT correct - allowed to launch 6 missiles or more!

Bergamini and Udaloy are NOT even close to this warships in real. Lacking of systems, weapons, and sophisticated battle management systems + information exchange. In DW Link is the same for all ships - no matter is it Bergamini or Skipjack (over half of century diference!)

White and most of Russian community wanna add ultra modern warships (pr. 20385 is NOT commisioned yet) to Russia but forget about potential opponents. For example O.H.Perry in configuration like in DW was in service up to 2003-2005!!! At this time all Perrys had removed MK13 launcher.

If you wanna make ships only for one nation i wonder what kind of scenario you wanna play? Only Russian Fleet maneuvers?

As I wrote above new surface ships would be great idea but not ultramodern big and sophisticated warships. In my opinion DW engine allows to add smaller ships like corvettes, patrol boat or missile fast boats. Because modelling of sonar systems, FCRs with more weapon channels etc. is very limited. We should add smaller ships even without sonars or only with underkeel passive/active sonar.

Some players would like to see in scenarios more support small ships playable like Nanushka, Tarantul or WEST similar ones. With not higher but weaker performance than current playable ships. Current playable should be "major" warships in scenarios because its upper limit (and probably not crossable) of simnavalengine.

Im affraid if you add pr. 203085 no one will make missions with this warship (except you) for the same reasons like Bergamini/Akula III/Seawolf are rare in scenarios. They are rare because all rest ships are not so modern like these ones.

Last thing:
I respect Crazy Ivan & Jaf decission and also i appriciate White ambitions for making something good for DW world community. But in my opinion we should accept limitations of this old game. Making something which will work only in "half" for me doesn't sense.

P.S. I had remorse for persuading C_I to add Sauro and earlier Bergamini. I thought it will be simple "putting this into RA - something like merging 2 modes. In reality it was very hard task for programmist - in fact making these platforms almost from zero
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