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Visual detection of masts is something that should happen only when very close. Obviously, bad weather (visibility, high waves) should make it even more difficult. In the real world it is Radar what will get the raised mast first. Any chance that radar in RA will be able to do that?

Now, a platform request: Could you introduce the Sturgeon class submarine, based in the 688? I like very much the contents that RA adds for the cold war, I always loved the Victor III and Delta is excellent, but to have more balanced games we would probably need a Sturgeon rather than the 688.

Finally another request, concerning the way the RA mod is presented: Would it be possible to have it installated with JGSME, like Alfa Tau and LWAMI? It is not just a matter of commodity for the player, but also a good way to save a corrupted install if you are experimenting or trying to change some things. That would make life much easier for all who want to contribute to RA testing and adding contents
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