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For the player, the reception is possible only on sliding devices - extended mast or wire.
( For SSBN is significant the depth of reception of a signal) - you is increased can receive the message on depth about 280-300 meters with the deploying wire.

AI units can receive contact promoted by the player on any depth Ctrl+Shift+P (it too standard mistake of the engine).

There is also one serious mistake concerning given received on communication(connection) - AI a submarine ceases to cope by the doctrine. The high priority from the engine work of the command.
( You can read it in heading of the doctrine /SubAtkSurf.txt/:
The doctrine works correctly only for the target detected directly AI submarine.
For the HOSTILE target the data about which are received on Link 11 (At PD) or promote link function
AI Sub will to drive by the engine of a DW - ignoring this doctrine.
This evoke cavitation AI Sub - stupid AI captain...

I think that sound model already final.

688 projects are established gauges from other sensitivity, the submarine is little bit louder than 688I.
In coming updating - are removed HF underice sonar.

SSP and physics have remained as before.
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