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hey guys,

amazing stuff I'm reading!!! WOW this mod pwnz!!!

thanks everyone for the interesting questions and quick answers...

I havent done ballistics testing yet, except for a manual TMA and a few 200KT depth charges!! But after catching up on the posts Im sure looking forward to it.


Im starting to appreciate the variety of ordinance to choose from. That really adds flexibility to platforms and variety of tactics and strategy to employ. Ive always like this about the akula class sub, but when you combine the technological advancements over time (victor III -> akula II improved) it really gives you something to think about. RA seems historically sound, and I can see that in the capability each platform offers.

Flying the bear is like riding on a cloud!! the ambient sound of the propeller is captivating. was that a custom .wav?? The crew voices in native tongue really seems like you are there on the platform. what makes me say that is the 'radio chatter' sounds just like it, and not just some clear voice. I think audios make a huge difference between a sim where you just click buttons, and a sim where it seems like its real.

And yes.. Oscar is becoming a favorite esp with those 200KT depth charges!!! That sub is capable of everything you could ask for. Stuff like that really makes you appreciate accurate manual TMA on a single array.


link promotion

can/will AI promote links to human players from comms depth? In lwami (possibly, core DW files) AI subs for example had to be at 'comms depth' to TX / RX link. Using mission editor I can make triggers to have AI subs randomly check for comms, or if contact is made, to go silent, come to comms and promote link to listening allies.

Variation of class

Other than strike capability, are there any difference between the 688 FLT-I vs 688 FLT-III?


this may be impossible to do, but can you revert back to the physics model in 1.03 with current patch?? I think physics in 1.03 was more real world than it was for 1.04, where you had to compensate for / avoid overshoot across dimensional axis; platforms cant turn on a dime!!! Overshoot compensation was a gripe for some since they didn't have to worry about that in subcommand, but I think it is more along the lines of realism.


in RA, does SSP actually work or is it limited to the capability of DW??? I know the SSP is subject to bottom type. But for example in a surface duct I should be able to experience reduced detection ranges below the sonic layer than above it. Some cases an active torpedo can be evaded by just changing the layer when you will hear pings while above the layer, but stop hearing pings soon as you dive below it(as long as you were not acquired while changing layers) In bottom limited SSP, my understanding is the deeper I dive, more challenging it is to be detected, etc..

Sonar Model

what I mean by sonar model is the ability to detect other platforms. So I must ask, is the sonar model in version with typhoon considered finished and working or still work in progress ?? Reason why I ask is SSP is something I need to test for playability in MP missions and SSP type is one of a few contributing factors to MP in-game dynamics. But if the sonar model is still work in progress, Ill hold on testing until next version release.

I want to say the sonar model and detection in RA seems more realistic than anything Ive ever seen, where sea going platforms(mainly I tested subs at 1st), regardless the class, can literally make like a hole in the water against highly sensitive sonar equipment. Results are from a test of a transiting alfa over varying speeds vs TB-29 and manual detection.

sorry for all the questions

many thanks!!!