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Thanks for repying about the current version. I'm looking forward to the next one

Meanwhile, I want to make some comments about the interfaces:

The Oscar II is one of my favourite units, but in RA it is based in the Akula, having 8 tubes for normal load (That's correct) but only 6 for the SSN-19

In Alfa Tau 3, the base unit used is the 688, and that allows the Oscar to have 4 torpedo tubes only, but 12 VLS for the SSN-19

The problem with the option taken by RA is that 8 SSN-19 are clearly not enought to penetrate an american task force and reach a carrier if there are AEGIS units present. (Sometimes not even in AT3!!)

There are two possible solutions you can consider:

1) Using the 688 as base, and giving the Oscar the 12 VLS tubes. I think that is a good solution because the torpedo tubes of the Oscar are mainly defensive, so a big firepower is not needed.

2) Modifying the SSN-19 penetration capacity, so that those 8 missiles have the same chances of getting through that 24 of the real ones. This last option would also be interesting because in multiplayer with AT3 we have suffered heavy lag if someone plays as the Oscar and puts suddenly the 12 SS-N 19 missiles in the air together.

One more thing concerning the interfaces:

Would it be possible to equip the Kilo weapons panel (6 tubes) in teh Victor 3, like the Alfa already has got?


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