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Hi guys!

The latest version of addition - on mine PC.

May 2008 is a very old version.

I think that the doctrines are ready on 98 %. There can be a feedback will give hints that it is necessary to change.

SuBB, concerning transient of process - if we shall do it for the message TIW, we break work CIWS for the player by the controlled ship, against such rockets.

Where here true?
Hey Ivan,

well, the idea of detectable transients were part of a feature of another mod called LWAMI for DW. I'm sorry, i need to be clear, what i meant to say is detectable launch transients of missiles fired by submarines only!!!

And truthfully I don't know if they should be detectable or not, but it kind of makes sense. I could only imagine that the process of firing a submarine launched rocket isn't quiet by any means, yet loud enough to show up on BB for a brief moment.

So, the idea really came from another mod, but i appreciate anything from the mod that makes sense and enhances realism.

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