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thank you 4 RA!!!!


1st off i just want to thank the RA team for such an excellent mod and I appreciate the work and level of detail included in this mod. thank you!!!

The main thing i like about the mod is how it compliments the western platforms and the tech and performance trends over platforms. That means a great deal!! This mod just opens up new awesome possibilities in mission design on an MP level, especially when MP in-game dynamics comes into play.

i currently have the version that includes the tyhpoon hull; my understanding is, it is a beta of a to-be-expected new version release in the future.

I'd like to start moving forward in planning and design of dynamic MP missions, but I've a few questions 1st..

1.. is RA beta stable enough to start mission design??? Or do I need to wait until next version of RA??? If I have to wait, when you think next release of RA will be?? you can PM me if necessary. But, I do not want to start mission design and testing, then have to change it because of differences in beta and next version release. A mission I have in mind includes the tech advanced akula II with digital sonar gear.

2.. AI effectiveness? How effective is AI in RA?? I can code AI to be smart and effective, but I can’t control the doctrines executed when attacking, etc…

3.. are you going to include launch transients detectable on BB in RA?? As far as i know, in beta the launching of missiles are not detectable, yet such an event generates a great deal of noise for a very short while, and (I feel) should be detectable in BB.

Thanks again for RA!!!!

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