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Dunderbolt 30-05-2019 01:33

Question about adding a new sub.
Hi! I'm new here and I'm on a quest to add a new sub to DW! So far, I've been trying to experiment with DWEdit and I've gotten nowhere.

I've been trying to add in the "Seabat". A fictional submarine from the Manga "Silent Service" in which it's basically an improved Seawolf. The closest progress I have made is adding a sister class of the Seawolf in the game, yet it doesn't show up as possible to select. If someone can help me get a grasp of adding new content to the game I'll be truely thankful!

Edit: I now have a basic idea on how to create a sub now, yet I dunno how to export it into my game. I save the file, yet when I go into the game, there's no selectable class, nor when I go into mission editor, does it even show up as a class that's only usable by A.I. If someone can offer me help I would appreciate it.

Dunderbolt 21-06-2019 06:31

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I've had to deal with life for roughly the past month, and yesterday after getting time and help with a friend. I've begun to work on the Seabat again.

So I've gotten the sub into the game, and I've been looking through the hex editor to make the sub playable. I'm pretty sure I've been looking into the wrong file (object.eod). I've spent roughly half a day with a friend to understand where the beginning of vessels like subs begin. I've made relatively good progress through. I've hit a wall with discovering on how to make the sub playable, so I'm relying on looking at the JimmyCarter SSN and the Seawolf, my sub's closest cousins as a way to figure it out. I think I may be able to figure out soon

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