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VOL_Hans 30-07-2017 18:30

Adding "MIKE" from 1.42 to 1.41?
Hello everyone

I've used DWX mod now for a long time. I have many scenarios I made for myself using the 1.41 mod together with a custom database for version 1.41.

I wanted to know is it possible to modify the interface files from the "Mike" SSN to use only the items present in 1.41 so that it can be a playable submarine in the older version?

CrazyIvan 30-07-2017 18:52

Possible. But it's easier to install a new version of the mod. Your scenarios will be compatible.

VOL_Hans 30-07-2017 20:40

What would I need to change to make it work?

The problem isn't just the scenarios, but that I made a modified database as well... I changed and added a bunch of things for some Cold War scenarios and I feel like it would be easier to edit what needs to be changed on the Mike than to redo the database again.

Off the top of my head... The Mike uses a new cuise missile, and a different model of Korund....?

CrazyIvan 30-07-2017 21:36

It's easier to adapt the scenarios to a new version, than to re-do DLL and other content. Hope, what you created not hundreds of new units. Create them in the new database version.
Especially since the 142-B is much more advanced than version 1.41

PS: At the moment there is already a small patch for the version 1.42-B. But I'm waiting for the error reports. To not produce often corrections - this only causes confusion.

VOL_Hans 30-07-2017 21:53

Two dozen or so new units, and some custom ones when I needed something for a scenario...

Perhaps I will remain on 1.41 until things have advanced far enough with the mod and then upgrade later to 1.45 or something.

Maybe someday we will even have Barbell and Tango class SSK? :P

Love the work you've done so far though!

CrazyIvan 30-07-2017 23:58

Tango Class Presented - object # 740 in Database. (as AI unit)

VOL_Hans 31-07-2017 04:29

I know the Tango was put in as an AI unit, but I'm hoping we'll see it, along with some earlier cold war subs, as playable units in the future.

Maybe the Echos or Julietts? As playable though :P

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