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Старый 04-01-2017, 00:02   #1
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Towed Array - new graphics

Hello RA Team

I have proposition for small improvements on surface units.
Our community play with those graphics improvements on RA 1.40 almost all MP sessions. Some players had this and some no - there was no errors.

FFG O.H.Perry


(waterfall display should be green but my friend can't found correct addres in dll)
This is very helpfull because shows some numbers for beam's


Single Beam:

Most important improvement: frequency scale

DDG UDALOY (some graphic elements from LADA interface)



Single Beam:

I am not author but I have permission from him to send this "gfx mod" to RA community.

Problem is:
I don't know what files from interfaces FFG/UDALOY folders are important for this improvements. I can compare file size to all files in folder but maybe you know better which files should be send?

Second problem is compatibility with RA 1.41. I don't know how much FFG/UDALOY interfaces was changed compared to version 1.40.

If you are interested I can send you correct files or whole folders FFG/UDALOY.
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Старый 04-01-2017, 20:21   #2
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Files - TowedArray.grp & TowedArray.ndx (FFG & Udaloy folders)

You know my E-mail.


Only the dead have seen the end of the war.
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Старый 04-01-2017, 20:47   #3
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check your e-mail
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Старый 04-01-2017, 22:34   #4
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TowedArray.grp & TowedArray.ndx - doesn't change color for FFG LOFAR and Single Beam station.
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