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Udaloi in 1.46

In multiplayer, the Udaloi earned the status of a ship with a strong air defense.
But we are playing a simulator, so it was thought to nerf its anti-aircraft missiles to real 8 miles.
I talked with Pepe about it, he completely agrees, but tests are needed to prevent the ship from becoming useless.

В мультиплеере удалой заслужил статус корабля с сильным ПВО.
Но мы играем в симулятор, поэтому появилась мысль урезания его зенитных ракет до реальных 8 миль.
Я поговорил с Пепе про это, он полностью согласен, но нужны тесты, чтобы корабль не стал бесполезным.
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Старый 24-10-2018, 12:08   #2
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For me 12 Nm is good for better game purposes even when real SA-N-9 range is shorter. (it helps to keep enemy helo/MPA away from Udaloy)
If you want to decrease range to 8 Nm it will be also ok. I agree for that, even if Udaloy is ship that I play the most

Udaloy CIWS still is much better than Perry's in RA 1.46

In my opinion CIWS should be "last hope" of defence - with small effectivenes (compare to current RA 1.45) not only on Udaloy but all playable surfs.
Im no military expert but i think real effectivnes is no higher than 30-40% (probably only 15% 25% )
In RA it's around 95% against subsonic.

RA 1.46 will make this aspect of defence more realistic for every playable and AI surfs

Don't panic mate
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Старый 26-10-2018, 00:42   #3
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Я за реализм. Это симулятор прежде всего, а потом уже игра. Баланс в миссиях нужно находить иными способами, нежели равнение платформ под одну гребенку. И ежели приходится выбирать между и так коротким ПВО у Удалого и эффективностью 30 мм пушки, я выбираю меньшее из двух зол склоняясь к реализму. Вердикт - Урезаем ПВО!
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Старый 28-10-2018, 01:53   #4
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And missiles and CIWS - it's all air defense (PVO).
What did you mean?

PS: From the gaming point of view, launch the Gauntlet can not run in 3-5 seconds increments (in fact, the launch tube still is all ONE - like in Perry). More preferable - CIWS station.

Udaloy have 4 stations AK-630, instead of 1 Phlanks on Perry.
Of course - for the Udaloy, in addition, a stronger defense is the CIWS rather than the Gauntlet.
Only the dead have seen the end of the war.
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Старый 28-10-2018, 20:16   #5
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Сообщение от CrazyIvan Посмотреть сообщение
Udaloy have 4 stations AK-630, instead of 1 Phlanks on Perry.
But maximum 2 CIWS can open fire to single target
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Старый 02-11-2018, 19:12   #6
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Test video from released 1.46

Replay since 14:48

Link to scenario:


Udaloy is still very good playable ship for missile defence.

In this test scenario were launched 20-22 missiles from AI Los Angeles Flt III

First wave defended only with CIWS and Chaffs (in EMCON)
Next waves of missiles with both radars ON

The same test for Bergamini:

Radars all the time are ON

Last test for Perry:

All ships have chances for simultanous missile defence. Each ship do this in little different way.

Последний раз редактировалось pepe; 02-11-2018 в 20:07.
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