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But then again, conventional only, blue side has 20+nm adcap , which beats any Russian torpedo by speed and range. So, Starfish is good balance already.
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Before RA 1.44 nuke starfish explosion cover much more area than UUM-44.

Russian 65-76 torpedo have maximum range 54 NM at lower speed 35 kts and 27 NM at 50 kts.
ADCAP reach 27 NM at 40 kts speed and "only" (still very good range) 21 NM at 55 kts
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Torpedo ADCAP has the advantage of rectilinear motion. Torpedoes with a search pattern "snake", lose some range, as the turns from side to side are taken into account as the distance traveled. Because of this, the distance measured in a straight line, will be substantially lower. In general, the travel distance is calculated from the actual fuel consumption per 1 m of travel based on the consumption factor for the current speed.

Once, the idea was more significantly more difficult to simulate the work of gas turbine torpedoes - because fuel consumption and speed in these torpedoes (in contrast to electrical torpedoes), directly depends on the depth of the torpedo. The deeper the torpedo - the lower its speed, and the greater fuel consumption.
But since it is difficult to find data on this dependence, it was decided not to use such an algorithm in torpedo doctrines.

PS: Also, I'll add why the wire break option was not modeled. As you know, the length of the wire does not match the maximum distance of the torpedo. Some old fashion, (LVAMi) tries to simulate a cord break, but this is a wrong decision.
Since, the wire break distance is calculated from the torpedo's INITIALIZE point, and not from the point at which the player's sub is at the moment. At the moment, it is impossible to obtain in the torpedo doctrine the current coordinates for the player's boat in a simple way, in order to calculate the real distance between the torpedo and the player's boat and not the torpedo POINT INITIALIZATION.
In principle, you can implement this option in a complex way.
But this will multiply the computational loads for the game engine. (as in the case of the torpedo ADCAP, when at the acceleration time x16, the game engine does not have time to correctly process the data from the torpedo sensors).

Therefore, it was decided not to use the wire break option.
Only the dead have seen the end of the war.

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assume the wire lenght is unlimited.
for wire break option. there are some other points to consider.when wire guiding a torp, there should been some limitions to own sub's maneuverability, for example max speed limit, max deviration of course from initial course. just like in COLD WATER.

it is possible to reduce or alter the bearing error for bow/Conformal sonar?
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