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Старый 07-09-2011, 04:21   #1
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Some Errors in the DWX Mod 1.3x

First i must say Thanks for the very good Mod

I tried the German Sub 212A. As i saw the Boat is killed at 400m.
But i read in the German Wikipedia

Tauchtiefe mind. 400 m, Zerstörungstauchtiefe ca. 700 m.
so 400m does nothing..... And the ship will be destroyed at 700m +- X

See (

And then there is an little Problem with Sachsen FF... (See Picture)
So it looks hmm very bad, just like an simple 3d Modell.

And also an little wish.
Please make the Charles F. Adams playable :-)


And Regards from Germany
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Старый 07-01-2012, 14:51   #2
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Hey, mate!
I dont think that german subs like 212 were ever created to dive such 700m are quite a lot! 212 is not a deep sea was produced for shallow water operations like shoreregions or the baltic sea.
Wikipedia is not the best source to get information about secret stuff like submarines

About the Sachsen: On point is that 3D-Models arent that necessary because you dont have to see it - you have to hear it
3D-models are for cosmetic purpose only! And I know how hard it is to design out these models and to give them good looking textures... :/

Sorry for that buddy, but there are many more significant aspects to be solved first...
My desire to fix a multi-station bug with the towed array audio was also not accomplished yet, because the general preferences are (unfortunately for my sonar operator) just different...

liebe grüße
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