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Старый 14-05-2016, 14:02   #1
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Older submarines are a joy to play but

I'm fascinated by older submarines.

I love the Victor classes for example.

However, when playing these older subs in quick mission, they may get more modern opposition? Am I correct to assume this?

Is it possible to modify the game to allow enemy of the same period only? (like Victor 1's most modern opposition must be 688i Flight 3 as the last Victor I was retired in 1996 so anything newer than 1996 should not meet a Victor 1?!)

Just played a Victor I and sank a Han class. Han is not much of an opposition but other times may not be so easy.

Played Command Modern Air/Naval Operations yesterday in which I took command of a combined British and US invasion fleet.

A Victor I sank 3 of my ships early on. Took multiple light weight torpedo hits to sink the sneaky sub .

I'm fascinated by older less technological advanced subs due to their robustness and despite the edge that they might have lacked, they still possessed incredible threat during their time. Much respect.

I wished we could play say, the foxtrot. Foxtrots served many navies and were in service for very long. They must have not been bad (until Kilo arrived).

The reward playing these older subs is enormous when you successfully sink what is considered more advanced adversary. But still, I loathe clumsy engineering such as the XIA and Han. But those are China's first generation nuclear subs. They were more a test bed than credible war asset [in my opinion]. Until China refines their submarine engineering I tend to look down on Chinese subs. But hey, they have got to start somewhere.

If only we had scenarios for older subs such as the Alfa or Victor or Sturgeon......

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Старый 15-05-2016, 02:44   #2
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Hmm it may not be needed to set adversary of the same era/period because it seems to have been set to the same period or perhaps I have been lucky?

Tried the Typhoon, Los Angeles Flight I in addition to the Victor I and none encountered say Type 214/212 as it should be. But perhaps I'm just lucky?

Any scenarios that are shared for RA specific playables?

I tried making one, have forgotten much but it wasn't so bad. Arctic escort of 2 SSBNs in Op Are in a Victor III along with friendly Victor I.

688 Flight 2 launched slow running torpedoes ....fired 2 Shkvals at it and they hit the sub but didn't manage to sink it. Got sink minutes later by the 688 Flight 2 sub.

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Старый 11-08-2016, 17:23   #3
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new addition 1.41 will include old uss skipjack and CV 59 forrestol armed with 60's air-wing: F4 phantom's, A4 skyhawks and A7 corsars, it will give us possibility to make old-times scenarios
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