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thx for quick reply.

I notice that when MG-74 was hit by a torpeto, you will not receive wire-broken message, I am not sure player still can control it or not. only when you close the muzzle door, the wire-broken message will be received.
maybe this is what you said "control the cord by torpedo".

one more thing:
no matter what speed you set before launch(in my case 1 or 2 kts), before enable, the minial speed of UUV is 3kts, which make it very noisy, not just easy to be detected, also an easy target for WAA. this really limint it's tactical use.(of course in practice, I always set uuv speed 1kts and once launched I will enable it imediately to avoid the backfire. with 1kts, it's maneuverability is very poor, you need to calculate sub's heading just before launching uuv)
but I really can't figure out following:
the uuv is running on battery and very noisy, is it reasonable? and also UUV has no narrow band noise profile.
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