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Exclamation Potential Mast Detection Bug

Hello, all!

My friends and I (USA~Driver included) first encountered this bug a few months ago, but I did not get around to formally documenting it until today. We first noticed the bug when a submarine was at periscope depth with the floating wire streamed and was detected by a P-3's mast-detection radar. Well, that does not seem too plausible, so we decided to investigate further. We found that submarines at periscope depth with no masts raised and no floating wire streamed were getting detected by the mast-detection radar.

So, today, I recorded this happening in Dangerous Waters for your viewing pleasure. The video has annotations in it that describe what is going on. The video is unlisted, which means only people with this link can see it. I am not at present posting it to my subscribers. I wanted to bring it to you guys first.


(Video transcription for easy translation):
First pass:

Both submarines at 100 ft (30 m). Forward and rear radars turned on.

No mast detection.
Second pass:

First submarine at periscope depth WITH masts raised.
Second submarine at periscope depth WITH NO masts raised.

Both submarines get mast detected.
My question is, should this be happening? This does not seem correct to me. Sure, a submarine can potentially be seen from the air in shallow, clear water, but a submarine at periscope depth with no masts raised getting mast-detected by a P-3? I want to hear your input on this matter, but this seems to be a potentially important issue.
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