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A WIP bug/error list of mine:

- EA-6A Intruder -> Prowler - The Intruder was the A6, not EA6
- Tresher class -> Permit class (renamed after Thresher was lost with all hands in '63).
- Yasen/Graney class -> Severodvinsk class (NATO reporting name)
- Borey class -> Dolgorukiy class (NATO reporting name)
- Lada class -> St. Petersburg class (NATO reporting name)
- Lada and other AIP boats are designated as SSK -> It should be SSI.
- The term SSK was retired and is not used officially anymore -> It is only SS (SSI resp.) now.
- Measurements in USNI library are pure chaos, see pic for example: http://i.imgur.com/5tWffGQ.png
(ft, ft., feet, ...)
This kind of style continues across the USNI, and should really be avoided.

- Los Angeles (FLT I) passive sonar SL is 61, Akula-I SL is 60 -> LA FLT I boats are quieter than Akula-I though, according to (declassified) US Naval Intelligence sources.

This is just what I caught on first glimpse, many of these existing since 1.40/1.41.
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