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As for the cavitation I did use my mouse to change speed and it was still cavitating at 0 knots (full engine stop). Hasn't encountered it again though.
It is unclear how this situation occurred, I could not get it.
In this situation, the boat is not cavitating, although bubbles are drawn. It is enough to give a full forward (a message about the cavitation appears), and then slow down (cavitation cease and bubbles disappear).

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There's also an issue with playable Udaloy. I can't play it in Win 10 with the custom dll as it would crash the game.
What is the custom dll - d3d8.dll, right?
Attach win10 ERROR message.

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The game could use a better Virginia 3D model as well. There are a ton of new surface and sub-surface vessels being commissioned lately. Is there a chance we will ever see these in RA?
I have a great desire to add new 3D models into the game, but unfortunately still can not manage to make time for it.
Therefore, there is a chance, but deadlines are unclear.
If only someone else will undertake to implement it.
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