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You wrote that your work:

This is really funny because you explain why didn't finish something which is only small part of RA. You have the insolence to point out to someone did not do something perfectly.
No, that is what you read into my words, not what I said.
And you are mixing things up - probably because you struggle to comprehend my words, blinded by "I need to show this guy!".

What I am working on is a complete redesign of the USNI, I am not only fixing typo's, this would be done a long time ago.

Also, I didn't demand anything to be perfect - that is the part you read into - I simply said "do it right", in reference to the typo's and inconsistency.
How hard can it be to create a template BEFORE writing all the platform/system pages for the USNI?
How hard can it be to use the correct - and only one - abbreviation for measurement or whatever designation, instead of varying it across the board?
How hard can it be to give the .txt files sensible names to make working with them now and in the future easier, and to prevent mishaps?
Extract the usnidata.grp in the Graphics folder and see for yourself, for it is a perfect example for the "sloppyness" I was complaining about and it is a nightmare to work with it.
This "style" is a red line through the whole mod, as the database will show you as well, and all this is hinting at something that rings an alarm bell for me.
I am sure you will not agree, or understand, or see the relevance - but I wanted to explain it anyways.

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Im not hostile.
Oh yes you are.
You use a very sarcastic tone, you put words into my mouth, you call me "insolent" and you implied I am/was lying about the USNI stuff ("you don't have anything").
That is the very definition of being hostile in a message, and you may disagree or deny as much as you want, it's all there.
But it isn't leading anywhere...

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I just suggest cooperation in fixing USNI if that part of RA is most important to you. From my experience that kind of corrections are really pain in ass most of programmers, so please don't be a child.
So much for not being hostile.
I offered help. Others did as well. It was ignored. I said this in the message you just responded to. And I need to repeat myself: Read more carefully.

Oh and, how are these corrections a "pain in the ass" for programmers?
With tools like notepad++ you can quickly correct errors in multiple files like those I complained about. All in all, it might be a days work, with careful testing. And again, this is something that could have been prevented in the first place. That is my main argument.

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BTW how much time you need for fixing RA 1.41? I am asking because now your work is probably useless.
"Fixing RA 1.41"?
I didn't say I am fixing 1.41.
If you're talking about the USNI, no, the work is not useless now at all, as everything consists of single .txt files, it just needs to be updated and new stuff or changes from an update need to be adjusted as well - but the RA team doesn't document their stuff very well.
It would be easier in cooperation with the RA team, absolutely.
The question is, is anyone still willing to do so, to invest that amount of work, when every criticism is shot down with ridiculous argumentation (see a few pages back, my criticism towards the "Ohio class campaign").
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