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Why you think this work is only for yourself? You should show your perfect (non-lazy) work to community but i affraid you have nothing. Am I right?

And i think RA is now huge modification where some things are more important than "cosmetics", so i can't agree with you.
First of all, you can really cease the hostile tone.
Just because you do not share my point of view or opinion, does not mean you need to attack me, even imply I am lying, as it won't lead anywhere - will it? We can debate this, RA could only profit by it, but not like this.

At the moment my USNI re-work isn't public because it is farfrom complete, which I said before, so maybe before you criticize or mock me, you may read more carefully?

That RA is a huge project and that there must be priorities, is undeniable.
However, that is no excuse for being sloppy and/or lazy, and the size of the project is a burden that was chosen by the RA team, not me.

You may just call it "cosmetic", I call it paramount for immersion.
If every briefing is full of typos, wrong lingo, or grammatical errors, sorry, I don't feel immersed at all.
Again: My opinion, no need to get all defensive again.
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