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GRAD LST launcher (UMS-72 Grad) weapon on Ropucha II LST in my opinion is too powerful
During last big MP battle only 1 Ropucha II sank very quick 4 ships (2x Newport + 2x Hanate) and after some time player Perry with high speed.
Destroying "untouched" O.H.P takes 5-10 seconds since first hit. All ships was attacked from distance 9-10 NM but very accurate.
This weapon in RA is like shotgun in narrow corridor

In my opinion firing control for this weapon in "real" is not too accurate to attack fast moving targets. UMS-72 Grad is mainly used for "clearing" beach from mines. Attacking moving targets should have small effectivness.

For me ASuW capability is now too powerful. Range for land target is ok but for surfs should be much shorter (4-5 NM)

I've made test mission for showing problem:
- player O.H.P starts 10 NM from Ropucha with high speed.
Try to destroy Ropucha without being hit - good luck

My best score: only 35 % of dameges on Perry
Тип файла: 7z = TEST =.7z (546 байт, 57 просмотров)
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