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142b? just bug fixing or some new feature?
Some important info about add-on "Reinforce Alert" (DWX 1_42-B version).
[ * - Hardcoded fix ]
1 - 3D models 65-76, 53-65K,KE; 53-65M; SET-65M,ME Replaced.
2 - fix CTD bug with Narrowband Kilo and other filter use.
3 - Shkvals: doctrine fix with uncorrect calculate trigonometric function.
3 - User Planes: Maximal speed on high altitude bug fix.
4 - Interfaces SLBM missile presets has been reworked. Only ONE waypoint now in route missile.*
5 - New Document RA_Weapon_Info_rev38.pdf added.
6 - Captor MK60 P-3 Orion User: Added an additional mode - manual installation for shallow mount at deep water.
7 - OwnShip info in USNI: Condition weapon launch added.
8 - Sonobuoys: Malfunction percent was reduced
9 - SSN21: Weaponloadout TASM SSM replaced to UUM-125B "Sea Lance" Subroc.
10 - Behind horizont targeting helos (AEW): Doctrine has been reworked.
11 - Removed the default bug when the use of "CTRL + Enter" option before launching the TLAM of the missile with assigned route
causes the CTD when TLAM launching and return to the target display from nav. map.
12 - The brightness of the displays improved KILOs was increased.*
13 - Broadband sound for Dolphin added.
14 - Weaponloadout Akula-III changed: wireguide UGST torpedo now load only internal tubes.
MG-74 can be loaded into both internal and external tubes.
15 - CmpUtil.exe Utilite has been replaced.
16 - Akula-III Target Display: Colors Change.
17 - Controlable Ships: Multistation mode, unlocked weaponloadout station.
18 - Stadimeter CTD problem when scrolling through the list of platforms fix (Error with the interpretation of the alpha channel)*.
19 - Sound noise for Ships has been increased in the low-speed area.
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