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Noise structures were changed in new a patch. Now ,the modern diesel submarines will be more silent approximately on 30 percents.

Yeah, that's a major improvement!
modern diesel sub are very hard to detect by passive sonar, specially the AIP subs, it's almost impossible to detect a low speed modern SSK in shallow water within reasonable range, not even by Virginia class---but that's the major situation the Nuke subs have to face with today----high speed tracing, deep open water, that belongs to cold-war era. the old-school NATO ASW system :SOSUS + P3 +Sub+Surf can't apply to today's world
that's why US navy now turning into research of Low-Frequency Active Sonar and long-range UUV HF searching for their new ASW system code-name "Seaweb"

for the same reason, US's ARLEIGH BURKE class no longer equip SQR-19 Tow Array , the UK's Duke FFG replace 2031 pass sonar array with 2087 LF Active Sonar Array


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