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2nd.. regarding detection ranges, your SSP & bottom type affects how well / poor passive and active detection are made. Good chance is what you are seeing is normal, and you are using a bottom limited SSP, where really there isn't anywhere a submarine can hide(no layer); nothing to do with the mod itself.

If you want the affects of a layer, then choose either Convergence zone or surface duct SSP. If not, then use bottom limited.


Hey suBB,

You are 100% wrong on this one. Wether or not there is a layer, a Seawolf cannot detect a Trafalgar going at 5 knots at over 20-25 nm. There was no convergence zone and yet I got the contact. How about the Kilo at 5 knots at over 20 nm ? Is it normal ? C'mon man be serious.
Other players were getting contacts all over the place, and the same exact mission played in single player was correct in the sense that the detection ranges were "normal" all other conditions being identical to the multiplayer match. So yes there is someting wrong with how detection is made in multiplayer. And it has to be fixed.
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