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As you can check by yourself editing the mission attached to my post, SSP SD used with strong layer: but, in our test case, high sonar detection range are related to units in the same side of layer, where its influence is not relevant.
will check out your mission shortly.

In fact I need to run some det range tests as preliminary data for scenario design.

Did you install RA 1.1 'clean', as in, completely erase your previous install of DW and brand new folder. If not that could lead to instability issues.(happened to me before trying to install 1.1 over 1.0) guess I could answer my own question; to lazy to read your prior posts

In a SD SSP, increased det ranges are expected above the layer(reduced below layer) but to what degree I'm unsure of in RA. Although RA has made a great deal of changes, SSP performance is something that cannot be changed(as I recall from previous inquiry). I wish SSP worked as advertised.
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