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This is not RA bug.
RTFM SCS-DangerousWatersUserManual.pdf Section 3: Main Menu 3-10:
"In the Kilo, only tubes 5 and 6 allow for wire-guided weapons or the UUV. These tubes have separate racks (#5 & #6 rack) to accommodate wire-guided items."
Do not load wire-guided TEST-71M Torpedoes in main racks.

At depths ranging from 0 to 21 meters Kilo can`t moving faster then 9 knots even if another speed set at telegraph.
If you set speed 0..9 by mouse clicking - cavitation not occure.
If you set speed by telegraph or by pressing 7,8,9,0 - engine start hard work and cavitation starts as if the boat is moving at high speed but real speed will not exceed 9 knots.
Thank you Jaf for your explanation

As for the cavitation I did use my mouse to change speed and it was still cavitating at 0 knots (full engine stop). Hasn't encountered it again though.

And I did not cavitate moving at 11 knots at 20 m. It surprised me too but when I reloaded the saved file, I was cavitating at 0 to 5 knots at periscope depth.

There's also an issue with playable Udaloy. I can't play it in Win 10 with the custom dll as it would crash the game. Other platforms play okay just the Udaloy. I have tried re-downloading and reinstalling but all to the same effect.

The game could use a better Virginia 3D model as well. Makes sinking/playing it all more glorious. At the moment the 3D model is kind of sad.

There are a ton of new surface and sub-surface vessels being commissioned lately. Is there a chance we will ever see these in RA?

Great mod as it is. Too bad there's no successor to DW to be expected. How I wished an independent dev would take the mantle and give us a new contemporary sub/warship sim.
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