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I have question about the Russian project 636 sub, is it possible to give it more modern loadout with Club ASM LAM and ASW? it seems in real life they carry these as the sub are very new. Also about the sonar sceen in improved kilo is somewhat dark, can it be brightened? maybe like sonar project 877?

About Akula 3 maybe possible to add mg-74 in external loadout? I know slots are limited maybe instead of UGST in external tube since external tube has no wire anyway.
This is old DW(tm) gamma test screenshot. If you CANT see faint dark line on pic, then you have to adjust gamma, via gfx card settings or in game.
...so you dont have to mess with global graphics settings.

I have gamma at 0.8 which is actually vice versa in DW, Gamma = 1.2 ,

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Название: NB PC monitor check.jpg
Просмотров: 225
Размер:	8.5 Кб
ID:	11049

.MapStretch  No
.ScreenStretchQuality  3
.ParticleMax  500
.ParticleRate  5
.LocalLights  Yes
.TransparentWater  Yes
.WantRain  Yes
.Disable3D  No
.Want3DClouds  Yes
.WantVegetation  Yes
.AdapterID  0
.DeviceID  0
.ModeID  3
.DetailTextures  Yes
.BlendTextures  Yes
.Caustics  Yes
.WaterParticles  Yes
.WaterReflectionQuality  3
.WaterQuality  4
.WaterDrawMethod  1
.CameraFOV  60
.WantShadows  Yes
.ModelDetailTex  Yes
.RunInWindow  No
.Gamma  "0.8"
.SoftwareCursor  No
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