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Pepe, answer are all correct.
From myself I will add only that the detection depth is tied to periscope depth.

In RA, all the depths were converted. As in the original version game, even pop out of the water sail, can not be detected by radar or visual sensors. Even radiation of the radar can not be found, if you are less than 1-2 feet from the working depth of the radar on the American Subs.

And yet - like algorithm is in 688HK engine.
You can see there is such a case - as soon as you go to periscope depth, helicopters immediately find you, even without deployed mast.

PS: In RA, absolutely all platforms have this capability, but are another name of the sensor - underwater visual. And can also detect submarines at periscope depth. But detecting the distance significantly lower, than that of the sensor LADAR.

And - if the launch of special forces so critical, I can try to alter the launch depth slightly below periscope depth, to prevent detection.
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