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Some info about "Reinforce Alert" (DWX 1_48 version).
1 - User Sub: Portable SAM launchers has been fix. (became independent of radar impulse on target platform.)*
2 - User Subrocs missile has been fix.(bug with incorect preset modes for torpedoes)
3 - Russian Sierra's SSN Class added.*
4 - Messages about reached maximal depths has been fix for driveable SUB platforms.*
5 - Mission Editor: Remove bug with uncorrect message about set floating platform an water as an land.*
6 - UMM-44 & SS-N-15 Nuke: Warhead was reconfigured to charge 5 kT, which corresponds to a lethal area of 1.5 km for medium subs.
8 - All playable Victor's SSN class has been reconfigured. Kilo shipcontrol station has been removed.
9 - Sauro-3 & Sauro-4: Fix bug with lack MF sonar sound for Broadband station.*
10 - Mission Editor: option EMCON allowed for all platform classes.*
11 - The "WeapMalfunction" option is now set to OFF by default.*
12 - KA-27, NFH-90: Fix speed order bug from browser window order.*
13 - IDAS User missile: Guided option added.
14 - Dipping Sonar bug removed - when the sensor stops working if the option to allow the wind is ON.
15 - Juliett SSG Playable added.
16 - Playable Kilos: Target Display Graphics has been reworked (improved background and lettering contrast).
17 - The default bug is removed when the link contact from sonobuoy comes through civil aviation or any air platform without a sonobuoy of the processor.*
18 - AI Oscar-II Mod SSAN (Belgorod) added to Russia.
19 - AI Type 209/1400 SS added to Egypt.
20 - Option "Boomer Tracking" added. (Description in USNI. Section *** DWX ver 1.48 INFO ***)
21 - Controllable ships: fixed loss of communication with sonobuy when working ship radar.*
22 - Fix default bug when "Torpedo In The Water" comes to all controllable platforms from sonobuoy.*
23 - Electronic Countermeasures effectiveness for EW air platform has been reduced.
24 - Laser Finger Stations: fix depths and speed of damages.*
25 - SSM User missile: fix unstable behavior.
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