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elpuxo 03-08-2017 03:26

RA-DWX -in window (Win8.1)
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I've been trying all this time to find some wrapper compatible with DW to
run in window, .. respect to the almightey -Komat- on original wrapper. Yarrr. (Cheers!!!)
Finally found one. It is DGVoodoo2 , wrapper originally written for (Glide),
old Voodoo series of graphic cards.
But newer versions also extend support from DX7,8,9 and wrap to DX10.1/11.

But , hell, it works in window :) (need some testing, no crashing here, it really works)

So I've thought this might interest lots of you... no chitchat, let's get to biz.

1. First download current dgvoodoo current "WIP35"

2. Copy all files from archive in MS subdir + dgvoodoocpl.exe to DW dir, where exe is.
You must overwrite old d3d8.dll , you have backup already, son no prob.
No need for GLIDE files , we are no emulating voodoo card here so, pure dx.

3. Make some adjustments. Force 16bit color in exe. (65535 colors)
and do some editing dangerouswaters.ini > set to run in window -> Yes.

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4. Fiddle with dgvoodoo just a bit ... that is my selection... working, but in test.

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5. --profit :)

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Good hunting to all virtual Captains.

CrazyIvan 03-08-2017 03:44

It should be considered

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