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Castout 16-05-2016 16:21

A question on Oscar II 3D-model
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I noticed on some models, the Oscar II had 2 aft ventral fins while on other models it had a single aft ventral fin.

Please take a look at the attached two pictures.

The question is which model is correct? Thanks.

I ask because my Easy Model Oscar 2 model only has a single aft ventral fin.....while in DW the sub has two.

Jaf 16-05-2016 22:21


Сообщение от Castout (Сообщение 143175)
The question is which model is correct?

Oscar-I & Oscar-II have 2 aft ventral fins (all hulls).
Models with one ventral fin do those who do not have accurate information.

Castout 17-05-2016 02:05

Thank you Jaf. Damn Easy Model. Oh well.

One more question.

I played the Oscar II last night. Is it correct to say that each external SSN-19 consists of 4 missiles? I noticed the four red dots.

When I launched the missiles, many of them didn't go to their intended targets. Is it because the missiles have limited arc? I was almost 180 degree away from some of the targets.

The nearest target was more than 5 nm away, while the farthest was more than 20nm away (yeah I know it's a little close. Is it too close for the missiles? I had no linked data to work with). But the missiles failed to head to many of their designated targets with mode 0 employed. All of them went into one direction and hit a Chinese Jiangwei Frigate much to my disappointment (all 29 missiles, enough to blow that small Jiangwei to Kingdom come a dozen times). Was hoping to sink two or three vanguard warships in front of the fleet and 2-3 warships at the rear.

Castout 17-05-2016 13:41

It seems external SSN-19 only stores exactly 1 missile each.

Can this be modified so each external compartment would store up to 4 missiles that would be launched at the same time. Thus in total the Oscar 2 would have 24 missiles in her external launch compartments. Just a pity we can't play the Oscar 2 to its full potential. She's an awesome missile boat with enough destructive power to cripple a whole fleet with just a single hull.

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